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Plum Hot Coffee Straw

7″ KoffieStraws – Set of 2 Straws + Brush


Koffie straws are designed specifically for hot beverages and for fitting through the slot in a takeout coffee cup lid. Made from 100% flexible silicone. These are extra long straws but can be easily cut to fit any cup.


Bundle includes two 7″ Koffie Straws + one cleaning brush

Available colors: Mocha, Light Blue, Navy, Plum

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These Koffie Straws are reusable straws made of Silicone that are safe for use with hot drinks. Regular plastic straws will leach chemicals when exposed to hot temperatures.

Bundle includes two 7″ Koffie Straws + 1 Reusable Cleaning Brush

These straws measure 7 inches long up to the beginning of the bend. These are good for most takeout coffee cups.  


  • Oval shape fits travel cup lids – Works for coffee, tea, & even hot chocolate
  • 100% Silicone – Regular plastic straws can leach chemicals under hot liquid temperatures
  • Fits nearly all size coffee cups, mugs, and various brands of travel mugs
  • Silicone is non-stick which is really easy to clean. plus free brush included
  • Dishwasher friendly

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